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This luxurious gift set is presented in an exclusive CHRISTOPHER HANLON® gift box with signature ribbon, gold printed tissue paper and a contemporary Eco-Safe™ luxurious shopping bag. Contains the following full sized items:

  • 1 x Step 1. Exfoliant 150ML/5.10FL.OZe $120

  • 1 x Step 2. Foaming Cleanser/Toner Norm + Norm/Dry 200ML/6.8FL.OZe $65

  • 1 x Step 3. UV Face Moisturizer Norm + Norm/Dry 50ML/1.7FL.OZe $80

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It's time to visit your grooming HEADquarters...become irresistibly sexy with these simple beauty tips that men go crazy for...and absolutely women adore. Around the globe, male grooming is booming, as men collectively decide to ditch the dirt and scrub-up, from the high voltage electrician to the local policeman. Skincare was once the province of a European elite but today it is BIG business for big BUCKS too. Men of all ages, shapes and sizes are buffing-up their stoneage images not just for beauty sake but for health and longevity too. A modern man's domain. Welcome to the den.

Thankfully the days when a man’s skincare regime was a bar of fat laden soap and a bottle of spice cologne (if you were lucky;-) have been washed away. Rudimentary and often harsh cosmetic formulas have been replaced with technologically advanced skincare. Men are expected to present themselves with greater visual style in high-speed working urban environments, where the selfie is almost a must-see. Welcome to the the global economy. The digital age.

Time to face facts. Ninety percent of most skincare can be classified into 3 basic areas: Cleansing, Exfoliating and Moisturizing. So when it comes to skincare you just need to take your pick. CHRISTOPHER HANLON'S® Skincare is wonderful because the 3-Step Skincare System (Exfoliate/Cleanse/Moisturize) can be adjusted to suit virtually any skin type and need. How? Alter the frequency and the amount of product used.

Formulas are concentrated with Vitamins, Enzymes, Botanicals, Skin Repair and Sun Protection ingredients so a little will go a long way. We recommend using a moderate amount of product and to treat your skin gently. Lightly pat, gently cleanse and regularly moisturise but avoid the eye area unless the product was specifically created for that purpose. The golden rule adopted by the traditional street barber is simple: cleanse first. Do it with a water based (warm is best) product so you simultaneously soften the hair fibres on the neck and chin. The hair on these areas are the toughest and thickest. Plus their hydrophilic nature means they will swell-up with water. Shave after cleansing to take advantage of this proven, old school routine. Now you're Done. Dusted too. And it's time to work...

Sarah Parker-Cohen