The Devil is in the Detail


People would often ask Christopher in the shop: 'What is the difference between the Christopher Hanlon® brand and others on the market.' And before he could respond they would say: 'It looks like a GLOBAL brand.' The answer is quite simple: the brand has neither a major corporate affiliation nor any secret corporate ownership (whatsoever). The House of Hanlon® does not employ hundreds of people to work on their products by contrast; and each bag is made essentially by one or two craftsman plus Christopher himself. A labour of LOVE. The higher cost of the products is directly attributable to this. Exorbitant Australian labour costs based on minute, specialized production runs of 1, 5 and 10 items means the finished retail product (based on their true exclusivity and the small amount of money they make as a company) must be expensive to cover costs. By contrast to this artisan business model, large design companies can post billions of dollars in profit because they can produce and distribute hundreds of thousands of the same design. However, there is still nothing that makes a fashionista feel quite so good as a beautifully crafted leather bag; fashioned by people who love their craft and their simple hand skills that tell a story of thoughtful craftsmanship. So please enjoy and delight in the small, exclusive artisanal fruits of their ethical labours. Afterall, they are the real Australian McCoy. FAIR DINKUM

– Sarah Cohen